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DC2365A-H - LTC2333-16 Demo Board | Buffered Octal, 16-Bit, 800ksps Mux'd SAR ADC (req DC590, DC2026 or DC890)

Demonstration circuit 2365A highlights the LTC®2358 family of buffered input ADCs. The LTC2358/LTC2357/ LTC2353/LTC2333 are low noise, high speed, 16-/18bit successive approximation register (SAR) ADCs with integrated front end buffers. These ADCs accept a wide common mode range. Pico-amp inputs and high CMRR enable these ADCs to connect directly to a wide range of sensors without compromising measurement accuracy. The following text refers to the LTC2358-18 but applies to all parts in the family, the only differences being the number of bits, number of channels and the maximum sample rate. The LTC2358-18 has a flexible SoftSpan™ interface that allows conversion-by-conversion control of the input voltage span on a per-channel basis. An internal 2.048V reference and 2X buffer simplify basic operation while an external reference can be used to increase the input range and the SNR of the ADC.


DC2365A - Demo Board Image


Companion Demo Boards

DC2026C - Linduino One Isolated USB Demo Board: An Arduino- and QuikEval-Compatible Code Development Platform
DC590B - Isolated USB Serial Controller for Linear Technology QuikEval-Compatible Demo Boards
DC890B - USB Data Acquisition Controller, for PScope Evaluation Kits (up to 250Mbps, CMOS/LVDS)


QuikEval System

The QuikEval system is a USB-based product demonstration and data acquisition system that allows users to quickly evaluate the performance of Linear Technology products. The system consists of a USB Data Acquisition Controller board (DC590B) that connects to individual daughter cards for specific Linear Technology products.

Click here to download QuikEval


The PScope System is a USB-based product demonstration and data acquisition system for use with Linear Technology’s high performance ADCs and signal chain receiver family. PScope allows users to evaluate the SNR, SFDR, THD, as well as other key parameters, quickly and easily.  Use PScope software with the DC718, DC890 and DC1371 Data Collection Boards.

Click here to download PScope


Linduino is an Arduino compatible platform for developing and distributing firmware libraries and code for SPI and I²C-compatible integrated circuits. The Linduino One board interfaces to more than 300 QuikEval demonstration cards, supporting a variety of product types including analog-to-digital converters (ADCs)digital-to-analog converters (DACs)power monitors, and more. Firmware libraries for individual devices are written in C and designed to be portable to a wide variety of processors and microcontrollers. Each library has a demonstration program that can be uploaded to the Linduino One platform to allow the circuit and software to be quickly and easily verified.

Click here for more information on Linduino