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DC961B - LT1994 Low Noise, Low Distortion, Fully Differential Amplifier/Driver

Demonstration circuit 961 features an LT®1994, low noise, low distortion, fully differential amplifier. The LT1994 is a high precision, very low noise, low distortion, fully differential input/output amplifier (see Table 1). The LT1994’s output common mode voltage is independent of the input common mode voltage, and is adjustable by applying a voltage on the VOCM pin. The DC961 board contains an LT1994 amplifier configured as a unity gain differential amplifier with 499Ω feedback and input resistors. Gains greater than one require changing the input resistors to a value lower than 499Ω (refer to Figure 2). In addition, DC961 has surface mount pads and traces for resistors and capacitors for building first and second order fully differential filter circuits. The differential outputs of DC961 can be configured with a first order RC network for driving the differential inputs of an analog-to-digital converter (ADC).


DC961B - Demo Board Image