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DC2568A - LTM4622A Demo Board | Ultrathin Dual Buck μModule; 4V ≤ VIN ≤ 20V, Vout1 = 5V @ 2A, Vout2 = 3.3V @ 2A

Demonstration circuit 2568A features the LTM4622A μModule® regulator, a tiny low profile high performance high efficiency dual step-down regulator. The LTM4622A has an operating input voltage range of 3.6V to 20V and is able to provide an output current of up to 2A for each channel. Each output’s voltage is programmable from 1.5V to 12V. The LTM4622A is a complete DC/DC point of load regulator in a low profile thermally enhanced 6.25mm × 6.25mm × 1.82mm LGA package requiring only a few input and output capacitors. Output voltage tracking is available through the TRACK/SS pin for supply rail sequencing. External clock synchronization is available through the MODE pin. For high efficiency at low load currents, the MODE pin jumper (JP3) selects the Burst Mode® option for operation in less noise sensitive applications. The LTM4622A data sheet must be read in conjunction with this demo manual for working on or modifying demo circuit 2568A.

 DC2568A Demo Image