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DC2418A-B - LTC4368-2 Demo Board | UV, OV, OC and Reverse Supply Protection with -3mV Reverse ECB

Demonstration circuit 2418A is intended to demonstrate the performance of the LTC®4368 100V undervoltage (UV), overvoltage (OV), and reverse protection controller with bidirectional circuit breaker.

The LTC4368 protects circuits from overcurrent in both directions and from input voltages that may be too high, too low, or negative. The LTC4368 controls the gate voltage of two back-to-back connected external MOSFETs to ensure that the load is connected to the input supply only when there are no voltage or current faults. The OV and UV protection levels are adjusted by resistive dividers at the OV and UV pins, respectively. Asserting a low signal at the SHDN pin disables the MOSFETs and places the controller in a low-current shutdown state. The FAULT pin is asserted when the controller is in shutdown mode or when the input voltage is outside of the UV or OV window, or the load current exceeds the protection level, or the input voltage is below undervoltage lockout (1.8V to 2.4V).

DC2418A - Schematic