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SmartMesh Recipes: Industrial IoT "How-To" Examples

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SmartMesh Recipes are quick "how-to" tutorials for wireless Industrial Internet of Things solutions based on SmartMesh IP embedded wireless sensor networking. Recipe examples include:

  • Sensor Integration - K-Type Thermocouple, Sensirion Temperature/Humidty Sensor, Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE)
  • Building a SmartMesh-to-IP Gateway - using a Intel Edison, BeagleBone Black, or Raspberry Pi
  • Connect to cloud software backends - ThingWorx, HiveMQ
  • Node-Red from IBM Research - easily create web-based dashboards to visualize data

The list is always growing, so check out SmartMesh Recipes on DustCloud.Org


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Companion Demo Boards

DC9021B - SmartMesh IP Starter Kit