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DC2111A-B - LTC3774EUHE Demo Board | Sync Buck Controller, 4-Phase (LTC3774 x2), 10V ≤ VIN ≤ 14V, Vout = 1.2V @ 120A

Demonstration circuit DC2111A-B features the LTC®3774 in a 4-phase, high output current step-down converter with sub-mΩ DCR sensing. This high performance, high efficiency converter provides 1.2V @ 120A and operates at a switching frequency of 400kHz over an input voltage range of 10V to 14V. The 5mm × 5mm DrMOS and 0.33μH/0.325mΩ inductor provide high efficiency while supplying 30A per phase. 

DC2111A - Schematic