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DC2518A - LTC2975 Demo Board: +/- 12V, +/- 48V Power Supply Management [requires DC1613]

The DC2518A is a demonstration system for the LTC®2975 Power System Manager that interfaces to various regulators. The board contains all the circuitry needed to use the LTC2975 in a power system and control four power supplies. The four power supplies include linear and switching regulators for the purpose of demonstrating a variety of methods to sense voltage and current. The demo board provides a sophisticated, digitally programmable 4-channel power supply system.

Figure 3. Connecting DC2518A and the DC1613 USB to IZC/SMBus/PMBus Controller


Companion Demo Boards

DC1613A - USB-to-PMBus Controller for Use with LTpowerPlay



LTpowerPlay is a powerful development environment supporting Linear Technology's Digital Power System Management (PSM) products, providing unprecedented diagnostic and debug features.

Click here to download LTpowerPlay