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DC2123B - LT3790 Demo Board | Sync Buck-Boost, 8V ≤ VIN ≤ 56V, Vout = 24V at up to 5A

The DC2123B is a 60V four-switch synchronous buck-boost controller that demonstrates the high power capability of the LT®3790. The output is 24V and the maximum output current is 5A. The switching frequency is 200kHz and efficiency is as high as 98% for a 24V input.

The LT3790 is capable of high power operation. DC2123B can be altered for increased output power with higher minimum input voltage. If VIN remains always above 20V, IOUT can be increased to 12A+ (for 290W output) by changing RS2 to 4mΩ.

DC2123B - Schematic


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