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LTspice: Creating and Working with Symbols

Markus Holtkamp - Field Applications Engineer Jan 12th 2017

In LTspice you can create a symbol automatically in two situations; either you have a subcircuit definition in ASCII fomat at hand or you want to create a hierarchy with your own schematics which are building blocks for larger designs. Hierarchical schematic drafting in particular offers powerful advantages by enabling larger circuits that can be drafted in a single schematic while retaining the clarity of the smaller schematics. Additionally, repeated circuitry can be easily handled in an abstract manner, i.e. black boxes, with full functionality and can be re-used across several schematics.




LTspice® software is a powerful, fast and free simulation tool, schematic capture and waveform viewer with enhancements and models for improving the simulation of switching regulators. Click here to download LTspice