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DC2414A - Un-Populated Demonstration Circuit; Supports 3 Channels of LTC6268 & LTC6268-10/LTC6226X

Demonstration Circuit 2414A has layouts for three channels of SOT-23 transimpedance amplifiers. Each of the three layouts applies different techniques achieving various parasitic feedback capacitances (CF). The upper channel, U3, assumes a low Transimpedance gain, has a parasitic CF of 0.1pF, and provides a footprint for an additional component CF in an 0402 footprint (C29). The lower channel, U1, assumes high transimpedance gain and was laid out to minimize CF, achieving approximately 7fF, although the real situation is more complex. The middle channel, U2, assumes a middle case. The outputs of the circuit are laid out for SMA edge connectors. The inputs consist of six pads per channel along the edge where a through-hole photodiode can be mounted, with provision for any photodiode pinout.

DC2414A - Schematic