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DC2215A - LTC3126EUFD Demo Board | Dual Input Sync Buck, 4.3V ≤ VIN1 ≤ 42V, 6V ≤ VIN2 ≤ 8.4V (Operational to 42V), VOUT = 3.3V @ 2.5A

Demonstration Circuit 2215A, features the LTC®3126, a synchronous buck converter with an integrated lossless input PowerPath™. Pin selectable (JP2) ideal diode-OR and priority input modes, with programmable undervoltage lockout thresholds provide control over the transition between input sources. The unique all N-channel architecture provides efficient operation from either of two input sources to a programmable output voltage. In this application the valid input voltage range is set to be from 4.3V to 42V on VIN1 and from 6V to 8.4V on VIN2 providing flexibility and voltage margin for a variety of applications and power sources. VIN2 can operate to 42V. Other input voltage ranges are possible by adjusting the VSET1/2 threshold values (set by resistors R9 thru R12) accordingly.

DC2215A - Schematic