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DC2158A - LTC5596 Demo Board | 100MHz to 40GHz RMS Power Detector

Demonstration circuit 2158A hosts a high accuracy RMS Power Detector featuring the LTC®5596 IC. This device is a wide dynamic range RMS RF Power Detector operational from 100MHz to 40GHz. The input dynamic range with 1dB accuracy is up to 35dB depending on frequency. The detector output voltage slope is normally 29mV/dB. The DC2158A Demo Circuit is optimized for wide operational frequency range up to 40GHz with 2.9mm SMK edge mount connector. Input impedance to LTC5596 is internally matched to 50Ω. It is suitable for RMS measurements of high crest factor waveforms up to 12dB peak/average ratio. No external coupling capacitor is necessary if DC voltage at RFIN pin is kept below 1.0V. Contact applications support for more information.

DC2158A - Schematic