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LT3478 24W, 4 LEDs at 1.5A, Buck Mode LED Driver

24W, 4 LEDs at 1.5A, Buck Mode LED Driver

The LT3478-1 reduces external component count and cost by integrating the LED current sense resistor. The LT3478 uses an external sense resistor to extend the maximum programmable LED current beyond 1A and also to achieve greater accuracy when programming low LED currents. Operating frequency can be set with an external resistor from 200kHz up to 2.25MHz. Unique circuitry allows a PWM dimming range up to 3000:1 while maintaining constant LED color. The LT3478/LT3478-1 are ideal for high power LED driver applications such as automotive TFT LCD backlights, courtesy lighting and heads-up displays. One of two CTRL pins can be used to program maximum LED current. The other CTRL pin can be used to program a reduction in maximum LED current vs temperature to maximize LED usage and improve reliability.