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DC2374A - LTC4013 Demo Board | 60V Sync Buck Multi-Chemistry Battery Charger, 21.5V ≤ VIN ≤ 35V or Adj Down to 5V; VBATT = 12V @ 5A

Demonstration circuit 2374A is a multi-chemistry battery charger with optional maximum power point tracking (MPPT) featuring the LTC4013. The LTC4013 has configurable 3 stage and 4 stage lead acid and Li-Ion battery algorithms in addition to 2 stage CC/CV charge cycles. 

The DC2374A is set up to operate from a 21.5V to 35V supply or from a solar panel and charges a six cell lead acid battery at 5A. It also can be configured to operate down to 5V. There are optional input and output capacitors plus large inductor pads and parallel top and bottom FET pads to allow high power charging. The operating frequency, charge voltage, low battery (LB) voltage setting and timing are configurable with external resistors and a capacitor. The different charging algorithms are jumper-selectable, set by two tri-state mode pins and the TIMER pin. 

DC2374A Demo Board Image