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LTC4233/LTC4234 10A/20A Hot Swap Controllers with Guaranteed Safe Operating Area (SOA) - Video Product Brief

Pinkesh Sachdev - Product Marketing Engineer - Mixed Signal Aug 25th 2016


LTC4234 PR Image

The LTC®4233 and LTC4234 are integrated solutions for Hot Swap™ applications that allow a board to be safely inserted and removed from a live backplane. The parts integrate a Hot Swap controller, power MOSFET and current sense resistor in a single package for small form factor applications. The MOSFET Safe Operating Area is production tested and guaranteed for the stresses in Hot Swap applications.

The LTC4233 provides separate inrush current control and an 11% accurate 11.2A current limit with output dependent foldback. The current limit threshold can be adjusted dynamically using the ISET pin. Additional features include a current monitor output that amplifies the sense resistor voltage for ground referenced current sensing and a MOSFET temperature monitor output. Thermal limit, overvoltage, undervoltage and power good monitoring are also provided. For a 20A pin-compatible version see the LTC4234.