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DC2429A - LT3042 Low Noise PLL/VCO Power Supply Board with Onboard 100MHz Reference Frequency

Demonstration Circuit 2429A is a PLL/VCO Supply and Reference Frequency Board that features the LT3042, an ultralow noise and ultrahigh PSRR RF linear regulator. When powered from a 6V to 20V lab or wall wart supply, the DC2429A produces four ultralow noise supplies using seven LT3042s. These supplies include a fixed 3.3V/800mA supply (four LT3042's in parallel), a fixed 5V/200mA supply, a fixed 3.3V/200mA supply that powers an onboard 100MHz ultralow jitter crystal oscillator, and an adjustable voltage (2.5V to 15V), 200mA supply ideal for powering external VCOs. The DC2429 ensures PLL/VCO evaluation meets data sheet performance.

DC2429A Demo Board Image