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DC2155A-B - LTC3886UKG/LTC3870UFD Demo Board (RSENSE) | 4 Phase Single Output PMBus Buck 18V≤VIN ≤54V, VOUT=12V at 48A, 150kHz

Demonstration circuit 2155A is available in two configurations. The DC2155A-A is a dual output synchronous step-down converter featuring the LTC®3886IUKG, a dual-phase current mode controller. The DC2155A-B is a single output synchronous step-down converter that operates with four phases: two from the LTC3886IUKG and two from LTC3870EUFD, a phase extender. Both versions have a PMBus interface and digital power system management functions.

DC2155A-B - Schematic


Companion Demo Boards

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LTpowerPlay is a powerful development environment supporting Linear Technology's Digital Power System Management (PSM) products, providing unprecedented diagnostic and debug features.

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