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DC2435A-B - LTC7813EUH Demo Board | Sync Boost + Sync Buck, 4V ≤ VIN ≤ 56V; VOUT1 (Quasi Regulated) = 19V-28.6V @ 5A

Demonstration circuit DC2435A is a step-up/down supply featuring the LTC®7813EUH. The LTC7813 is a high performance dual output (buck and boost) synchronous DC/DC switching regulator controller. The board has three different configurations:

  • DC2435A-A: Regulated output voltage of 24 Volt
  • DC2435A-B: Narrowed output voltage between 20V and 28V
  • DC2435A-C: Dual output voltages of 24V (Boost VBUS channel) and 5V (Buck VOUT1 channel)

The circuit enables a drop-in layout where the total circuit area is only 1½" by 1½". The LTC7813EUH is in a 32-lead exposed pad QFN package.

DC2435A - Schematic