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DC2178A-A - LTC4380IDD-1 Demo Board | Low Quiescent Current Surge Stopper, Latchoff Version

Demonstration circuit 2178A showcases the LTC®4380 low quiescent current surge stopper in an application which can be configured for 12V, 1A or 24V/28V, 0.5A operation. The output voltage is clamped by the LTC4380, permitting the load to operate uninterrupted during transients of up to 250V and load dump surges such as ISO-16750-2 Test A. The output current is limited to 1.25A. In the presence of a sustained input overvoltage or output overcurrent fault the LTC4380 shuts off to prevent damage to the N-channel MOSFET pass element.

DC2178A - Demo Image