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NXP (Freescale) QorIQ T1023RDB

The QorIQ T1023 Reference Design Board (T1023RDB) is a high-performance evaluation, development and test platform supporting the QorIQ T1023 communications processor.

The board will support the evaluation and development of the dual core T1023 and the single core T1013 communications processors built on Power Architecture® technology.


T1023RDB Dev KtQorIQ T1023RDB  Dev Kit (Update Me)



QorIQ T1023 Power TreeQorIQ T1023RDB Power Tree



Rail / Function  Part Number General Description of Part
1.0V : Core
3.3V : System Power
3.3V : PHY, PCIE
LT8612 42V, 6A Synchronous Step-Down Regulator with 3µA Quiescent Current
1.0V : S1VDD
1.2V : TVDD
2.1V : PHY
LT3021 500mA, Low Voltage, Very Low Dropout Linear Regulator
0.85V : PHY LTC3605A 20V, 5A Synchronous Step-Down Regulator
5V : USB LTC3600 15V, 1.5A Synchronous Rail-to-Rail Single Resistor Step-Down Regulator




Included in the LTpowerCAD toolbox, LTpowerPlanner is a system architecture tool for system-level power management design and optimization.

To open the LTpowerPlanner project file:

  • Step 1: If you have not installed LTpowerCAD on this computer, download and install LTpowerCAD
  • Step 2: Within LTpowerCAD, open the "LTC Toolbox" and open LTpowerPlanner
  • Step 3: Download the project file by right clicking on the link below and selecting "Save Target As".
  • Step 4: After saving the file to your computer, open the project file by selecting 'Open Project' from the 'File' menu in LTpowerPlanner