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DC2191A-A - LTC2000 + LT5579 Combo Board | 16-Bit 2.5Gsps DAC with Upconverting Mixer

Demonstration circuit 2191A supports the LTC®2000, a high speed, high dynamic range DAC driving the LT5579 upconverting mixer.

The circuitry on the DAC IF output is optimized for analog frequencies from DC to 500MHz. The circuitry on the LO input is optimized for frequencies from 1000MHz to 4300MHz.

Companion Board : Stratix board

DC2191A - Schematic




The LTDACGen System is designed to demonstrate and support the evaluation of Linear Technology high speed, high performance DACs. The easy-to-use LTDACGen graphical user interface (GUI) enables generation of single and multi-tone data, as well as single- and multi-carrier spread-spectrum signals quickly and conveniently. Data can be previewed and manipulated in both the time and frequency domains. Data can also be exported and imported using straightforward text-based files allowing arbitrary patterns to be sent to the demo-system with a few simple mouse clicks.

The software package also provides an automatic update feature to keep the program current with the latest set of features and fixes.

Click here to download LTDACGen