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DC2225A - LTC3875EUJ Demo Board | 4-Phase Sync Buck Solution, LTC3875 (x2), 4.5V ≤ VIN ≤ 14V; Vout = 1V @ 160A

Demonstration circuit 2225A is a high efficiency, high density, 4-phase synchronous buck converter with a 4.5V to 14V input voltage range. It can supply up to 160A of load current with a 1.0V output. This demo board has two each LTC®3875EUJ feature-rich dual phase current mode synchronous buck controllers with very low DCR current sensing capability, on-chip drivers and remote output voltage sensing. This board is set up with 0.32mΩ DCR output inductors. The temperature compensation function offers an option for accurate current limit over a wide temperature range with DCR sensing. To shut down the converter, set the RUN pin voltage below 1V (SW1: OFF). Use JP1 jumper to select Burst Mode® operation, pulse skipping mode or forced continuous mode operation at light load.

DC2225A - Schematic