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New LVDS Output Comparators Toggle Beyond 890Mbps

MILPITAS, CA - September 23, 2015 - Linear Technology Corporation announces the LTC6754, a high speed LVDS output comparator capable of toggle rates up to 890Mbps. This extremely fast comparator operates with only 1.8ns of propagation delay, 1ns of overdrive dispersion, and 1.5psRMS of jitter. Combined, these features address the most challenging high speed applications for data acquisition, clock and data recovery and line receiving.

The LTC6754 is fully specified for -40°C to 125°C, its quiescent current is only 13.4mA and it operates on a single supply from 2.4V to 5.25V. The voltage range at the two inputs extends beyond both supply rails, enabling the LTC6754 to be used for ground sensing applications. The LTC6754 is offered in two packages. The LTC6754 in the SC70 package provides a small and streamlined device. The LTC6754 in the 3mm x 3mm QFN package offers the same high speed performance with additional features, including adjustable hysteresis, latching capability, separate input and output supplies and shutdown.

“The LTC6754 drives LVDS interfaces either directly or through cables,” stated Brian Hamilton, Design Manager for Linear Technology. “And its low propagation delay, low jitter and industry leading dispersion support blazingly fast signals.”

The LTC6754 family is offered in the SC70 package and a 12-lead 3mm x 3mm QFN package. Both versions are offered in two temperature ranges: -40°C to 85°C and -40°C to 125°C. Both are in full production, priced starting at $1.93 each in 1,000 piece quantities. For more information, visit www.linear.com/product/LTC6754.

Summary of Features: LTC6754

  • LVDS Compatible Output Stage
  • 890Mbps Toggle Rate
  • 1.8ns Propagation Delay
  • 1ns Overdrive Dispersion (10mV to 125mV Overdrive)
  • Rail-to-Rail Inputs Extend Beyond Both Rails
  • Supply Range: 2.4V to 5.25V
  • 13.4mA Quiescent Current
  • Packages: SC70 & 3mm x 3mm QFN
  • Features of the LTC6754 in the QFN Package:
    • Separate Input & Output Supply
    • Shutdown Pin for Reduced Power
    • Output Latch
    • Adjustable Hysteresis
    • Complementary Outputs
  • Operating Temperature Range:
    -40°C to 125°C

890Mbps, 1.8ns LVDS Output Comparator

LTC6754 PR Image

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The USA list pricing shown is for budgetary use only. International prices may differ due to local duties, taxes, fees and exchange rates.