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28V Low Loss PowerPath Controller with Low 20mV Forward Voltage Now Offered in High Reliability & Military Temperature Grades

MILPITAS, CA - March 17, 2015 - Linear Technology Corporation introduces new high reliability and military temperature grade versions of its LTC4412, a robust “ideal diode” PowerPath™ controller. The LTC4412 permits low-loss ORing of multiple input DC power sources. Its 20mV forward voltage is at least 10 times lower than that of a Schottky diode. As a result, the device increases efficiency by an order of magnitude, due to much lower power loss and less self-heating in systems requiring automatic switching or load sharing between power sources. The LTC4412 is guaranteed to meet performance specifications over a wide range of user conditions including an operating junction temperature range up to -55°C to 150°C across an operating voltage range of 2.5V to 28V.

The LTC4412 also provides reverse battery and MOSFET protection circuitry in a compact SOT package. The device offers a digital control input and an open-drain status output pin to simplify interfacing to a microcontroller. Applications include systems that typically take power from multiple input sources, including high current PowerPath switches, uninterruptible power supplies, backup battery systems, logic-controlled power switches, and automotive and industrial systems.

Multiple LTC4412 devices can be used to enable switchover between multiple batteries or charging of multiple batteries from a single charger. The LTC4412 status pin (STAT) can be used to control a second P-channel MOSFET power switch so that both Schottky diodes are eliminated from the diode-OR circuit. The devices’s ultralow 11µA quiescent current is independent of the load current.

The LTC4412 is offered in a low-profile SOT-23 package. E and I grades feature an operating junction temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, high reliability H grades from -40°C to +150°C, and military MP grades from -55°C to +150°C. Devices are in stock and 1,000-piece pricing for the H grade starts at $1.85 each, and the MP grade starts at $3.65 each. For more information, visit www.linear.com/product/LTC4412.

Summary of Features: LTC4412

  • Very Low Loss Replacement for Power Supply ORing Diodes
  • Minimal External Components
  • Automatic Switching Between DC Sources
  • Simplifies Load Sharing with Multiple Batteries
  • Low Quiescent Current: 11µA
  • 3V to 28V AC/DC Adapter Voltage Range
  • 2.5V to 28V Battery Voltage Range
  • Reverse Battery Protection
  • Drives Almost Any Size MOSFET for Wide Range of Current Requirements
  • MOSFET Gate Protection Clamp
  • Manual Control Input
  • Low Profile (1mm) ThinSOT™ Package

28V H & MP Grade PowerPath™ Controllers

LTC4412HMP PR Image

Click Photo for High-Res Image

The USA list pricing shown is for budgetary use only. International prices may differ due to local duties, taxes, fees and exchange rates.