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DC1930A - LT3744 Demo Board | Inverting Buck-Boost LED Driver, 3.3V ≤ VIN ≤ 30V, Drives 3 LEDs @ up to 12A

Demonstration circuit 1930A is a high current synchronous inverting buck-boost LED driver featuring the LT®3744. The unique drive stage used on the LT3744 allows the anodes of three LEDs to be connected together for better heat sinking in both the inverting buck-boost configuration (LED anodes at ground) and the step-down configuration (shown in a separate demonstration circuit DC2339A). The pros and cons of each configuration can be found in the data sheet. 

The DC1930A targets high power LEDs and laser diodes (not included). The 3 LEDs are driven from the same output, but each LED is individually controlled. The input voltage range is 3.3V to 30V; however to maintain 12A current regulation, a minimum of 7V must be applied. 

DC1930A - Schematic