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NXP / Freescale Processor Solutions

Linear Technology has worked closely with NXP (Freescale) and Strategic NXP (Freescale) Partners to provide you with approved and tested solutions for your processor based systems.

Below you will find a host of useful tools that will allow you to select approved solutions for NXP. Linear Technology highly recommends that prior to finalizing your design that you contact the local Linear Technology Sales Representative or Authorized Distributor  for a design review of the Linear Technology solutions. For samples of Linear Technology products please click on the parts listed below to order online.


 Product Name  Power  
   Core  I/O
NXP (Freesscale) QorIQ LS1043A-RDB LTM4649 - 1V @ 8A  2.5V @  0.1A

2.5V @ 0.35A
NXP (Freescale) QorIQ LS1088A -RDB LTC3882 - 1V @ 25A   LTC3026 - 2.5V @ 1.5A
T Series
NXP (Freescale) QorIQ T1023RDB LT8612 - 1V @  6A LT3021  2.1V @ 0.45A



   i.MX 7
 Product Name  Power  
   Core  I/O

NXP (Freescale) i.MX7 96Board

 LTC3589-2 - 1.1V @ 0.5A  LTC3589-2 - 1.8V @ 0.2A 
   i.MX 6
 Product Name  Power  
   Core  I/O
NXP (Freescale) NOVPEK i.MX6Q/D LTC3676-1 - 1.1V @ 2.5A   LTC3676-1 - 1.8V @ 0.3A 


K60 / K70
 Product Name  Power  
   Core  I/O
TWR-ADCDAC-LTC: Freescale Tower System Analog Playground Module

Works with K60 / K70 



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