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DC1937B - LTC3350EUHF Demo Board | High Current Supercapacitor Backup Controller and System Monitor, up to 20Vin

Demonstration circuit 1937B is a supercapacitor charger and backup controller with supercapacitor health and system monitoring; featuring the LTC®3350. The LTC3350 has a 10.8V to 20VIN, 5.3A buck supercapacitor charger, a 25W output backup boost controller and an input ideal diode to disconnect the input supply in backup mode. An output ideal diode allows the supercapacitors to supply the output when VCAP is above the set backup voltage. As the capacitor stack voltage drops down to the set output voltage, the LTC3350 will operate as a boost regulator to supply the output until the energy in the supercapacitors are depleted.

DC1937B - demo board image


Companion Demo Boards

DC590B - Isolated USB Serial Controller for Linear Technology QuikEval-Compatible Demo Boards


QuikEval System

The QuikEval system is a USB-based product demonstration and data acquisition system that allows users to quickly evaluate the performance of Linear Technology products. The system consists of a USB Data Acquisition Controller board (DC590B) that connects to individual daughter cards for specific Linear Technology products.

Click here to download QuikEval