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DC1547B - LT3757AEDD Boost Demo Board | Boost, 3.1V ≤ VIN ≤ 9V; VOUT = 12V @ 1.5A

Demonstration circuit 1547B features the LT®3757AEDD in a 400kHz BOOST converter circuit, designed for a 12V output from a 3.1V to 9V input voltage range.

The LT3757A operates over an input range of 2.9V to 40V, suitable for applications from single-cell lithium-ion battery portable electronics up to high voltage automotive and industrial power supplies. It also exhibits low shutdown quiescent current of 1μA, making them an ideal fit for battery-operated systems. Thanks to a novel FBX pin architecture, the LT3757A can be connected directly to a divider from either the positive output or the negative output to ground. The LT3757A has improved load transient performance compared to the LT3757.

DC1547B - Schematic