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DC1898A - LTC3899EFE Demo Board | Triple Buck/Buck/Boost Controller, Vout3 Powers VOUT1/VOUT2; 2.5V ≤ VIN ≤ 60V; VOUT1 = 5V @ 5A, VOUT2 = 8.5V @ 3A, Vout3 = 10V @ 5.5A

Demonstration circuit 1898A is a triple output synchronous step-up/dual step-down supply featuring the LTC3899EFE. The circuit is using a drop-in layout: the main buck circuit components fit in an area of ¾˝ × 1½˝, while the main boost circuit area is ¾˝ × 1¾˝. The package style for the LTC3899EFE is a 38-pin exposed pad TSSOP package.

DC1898A - Schematic