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DC2261A-B - LT6119-2 | Current Sense Amplifier, Reference and Comparators with POR

Demonstration circuit 2193A features the LT®6119, a high side current sense amplifier with comparators and a 400mV reference.

The demo board circuit amplifies the voltage across an onboard current sense resistor, to provide a precision unipolar voltage output that is proportional to the sensed current. The board has two onboard comparators with latching outputs and an integrated 400mV reference that sets the threshold for the comparators. There are two versions of the board, A and B. The version determines the available comparator inputs. The DC2261A-A (LT6119-1) has an inverting and a noninverting comparator input available while the DC2261A-B (LT6119-2) has two inverting inputs available.

DC2261A - Schematic