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LTC3255 48VIN Fault-Protected 50mA Regulated Output Step-Down Charge Pump - Video Product Brief

Steve Knoth - Senior Product Marketing Engineer Nov 18th 2014


The LTC®3255 is a switched-capacitor step-down DC/DC converter that produces a regulated output (2.4V to 12.5V adjustable) from a 4V to 48V input. In applications where the input voltage exceeds twice the output voltage, 2:1 capacitive charge pumping extends output current capability beyond input supply current limits. At no load, Burst Mode® operation cuts VIN quiescent current to 16μA.

With its integrated VIN shunt regulator, the LTC3255 excels in 4mA to 20mA current loop applications. The device enables current multiplication; a 4mA input current can power a 7.4mA load continuously. Alternatively, the LTC3255 serves as a higher efficiency replacement for linear regulators and provides a space-saving inductorfree alternative to buck DC/DC converters.

The LTC3255 withstands reverse-polarity input supplies and output short-circuits without damage. Safety features including current limit and overtemperature protection further enhance robustness. The LTC3255 is available in thermally enhanced 10-lead MSOP and low profile 3mm × 3mm 10-lead DFN packages.

LTC3255 PR Photo