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SmartMesh IP On-Chip Software Development Kit (On-Chip SDK)

SmartMesh IP On-Chip SDKSmartMesh IP On-Chip SDK

The SmartMesh IP On-Chip Software Development Kit (On-Chip SDK) enables you to develop C-code applications for execution on SmartMesh IP motes (i.e. wireless nodes). SmartMesh IP motes have an on-board ARM Cortex-M3 microprocessor, running Micrium’s µCOS-II real-time operating system. With the On-Chip SDK, users may quickly and easily develop application code without the need for an external microprocessor.

Applications written within the On-Chip SDK may:

  • Read and control peripherals - General Purpose Input-Output (GPIO) pins, Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) inputs, Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART), Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Master, Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) Master, 1-Wire Master
  • Process Data – such as statistical analysis (on-the-edge of the network), and local decision-making and control
  • Send and Receive Wireless Messages – through the SmartMesh IP wireless mesh network

Resources available - Up to 32kB of flash and 8kB of RAM on SmartMesh IP motes may be used for customer applications. (The pre-compiled libraries for SmartMesh IP networking, µCOS-II RTOS, and peripheral device drivers do not count against these limits.)

No Network Stack Development Required

Network connectivity and quality of service is handled by the SmartMesh IP protocol stack. Unlike typical ‘chip and stack’ solutions, the SmartMesh IP stack comes as a pre-compiled library and delivers >99.999% data reliability and >10 year battery life.

Once you have purchased SmartMesh IP products, the SmartMesh IP stack binaries may be downloaded via your myLinear account. Please fill out a request form here to enable access.

Development Tools

  • SmartMesh IP Starter Kit – such as the DC9000B or DC9021A
  • IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM – available directly from IAR
  • IAR Debug Probe (Optional) – (e.g. IAR I-jet or IAR J-link) for in-circuit debugging (breakpoints, variable inspection, etc.) using JTAG/SWD.

DustCloud Developer Community

The DustCloud Developer Community provides an interactive forum for users developing applications on SmartMesh IP solutions. It contains detailed documentation for the On-Chip SDK (as well as other software reference designs such as DustLink and SmartMesh SDK), source code examples, and a developer discussion forum. In addition, DustCloud has developer resources for interfacing with a SmartMesh IP manager, and for interfacing SmartMesh IP and SmartMesh WirelessHART motes with an external processor.

Visit the DustCloud Developer Community at www.dustcloud.org

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