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DC2221A - LTC3807EFE Demo Board | Sync Buck, 16V ≤ VIN ≤ 38V; VOUT = 12V @ 15A

Demonstration circuit 2221A is a low quiescent current, synchronous buck converter featuring the LTC®3807EFE. This demo board converts a 16V to 38V input voltage to a 12V at 15A output. The main features of this board include an internal LDO for gate drive power from VIN or EXTVCC, RUN and PGOOD pins, a mode selector that allows the converter to run in constant current mode (CCM), pulse-skipping or Burst Mode® operation, and selectable current limit. The DC2221A supports an adjustable output voltage, soft-start and tracking. The wide input voltage range of 16V to 38V is suitable for automotive and distributed DC power systems where low quiescent current is important.

DC2221A - Schematic




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To open the project file for this circuit:

  • Step 1: If you have not installed LTpowerCAD on this computer, download and install LTpowerCAD
  • Step 2: Once LTpowerCAD is installed, click on the link(s) below to open the project file
  • Step 3: If LTpowerCAD does not automatically open after clicking the link above, you can open the project file by right clicking on the link and selecting "Save Target As." After saving the file to your computer, start LTpowerCAD and open the project file by selecting 'Open Project' from the 'File' menu