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LTC3769 60VIN/60VOUT Low IQ Synchronous Boost Controller - Video Product Brief

Bruce Haug - Product Marketing Engineer Sep 11th 2014


LTC®3769 is a high performance single output synchronous boost converter controller that drives an all N-channel power MOSFET stage. Synchronous rectification increases efficiency, reduces power losses and eases thermal requirements, simplifying high power boost applications. The 28μA no-load quiescent current extends operating run time in battery-powered systems.

A 4.5V to 60V input supply range encompasses a wide range of system architectures and battery chemistries. When biased from the output of the boost converter or another auxiliary supply, the LTC3769 can operate from an input supply as low as 2.3V after start-up. The operating frequency can be set within a 50kHz to 900kHz range or synchronized to an external clock using the internal PLL.

The SS pin ramps the output voltage during start-up. The PLLIN/MODE pin selects Burst Mode® operation, pulse- skipping mode or forced continuous mode at light loads.

LTC3769 PR Photo