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DC498C - LTC4007EGN Demo Board | VIN = 13V to 20V, 3A Sync Buck Li-Ion Battery Charger

Demonstration circuit 498 is a single battery standalone battery charge controller with built in charge termination featuring the LTC®4007. The input voltage is 13 to 20V. The charger output voltage is programmed by jumpers to support 3- and 4-Cell Li-ion batteries with a cell voltage of 4.1V or 4.2V/Cell. The maximum charge current is 4A. The demo board is initially configured for 12.6V Li-ion batteries. The board will automatically charge a battery to termination as soon as input power is applied with a battery connected prior to power up. Status LEDs are provided for CHG, ACP, FAULT, FLAG, ICL and LOBAT. An onboard NTC thermistor is provided.

DC498C - Schematic