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Altera Arria V SoC Development Kit and SoC Embedded Design Suite

The Altera® Arria® V SoC Development Kit offers a quick and simple approach to develop custom ARM® processor-based SoC designs. Altera’s midrange, transceiver-based Arria V FPGA fabric provides the highest bandwidth with the lowest total power for midrange applications such as:

  • Remote radio units*
  • 10G/40G line cards*
  • Medical imaging
  • Broadcast studio equipment.
  • Acceleration of image- and video-processing applications*
  • PCI Express® (PCIe®) Gen2 x4 lanes (endpoint or rootport)

*Application-specific daughtercards, available separately, supporting a wide range of I/O and interface standards

Arria V SoC Development KitDK-DEV-5ASTD5NES SoC Development Kit



Linear Technology Components


LTC3026 1.5A Low Input Voltage VLDO Linear Regulator.


LT3509 Dual 36V, 700mA Step-Down Regulator.


LTC3605 15V, 5A Synchronous Step-Down Regulator.


LTC3855 Dual, Multiphase Synchronous DC/DC Controller with Differential Remote Sense.


LTC3866 Current Mode Synchronous Controller for Sub Milliohm DCR Sensing.


LTM8025 36V, 3A Step-Down uModule Converter.


DK-DEV-5ASTD5NES Block DiagramDK-DEV-5ASTD5NES Block Diagram