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Terasic TR5-Lite Stratix V FPGA Development Kit

The TR5-Lite Stratix V FPGA Development Kit a slim form-factor PCIe board that features maximum power in a minimum size. Perfect for 1U chassis servers and other stringent environments, the TR5-Lite includes high speed SFP+ interfaces and high-bandwidth memory architecture for high performance computing, cloud systems, and ultra low-latency trading.


TR5-Lite Dev KitTR5-Lite Dev Kit

TR5-Lite Power TreeTR5-Lite Power Tree

Linear Technology Components


LTM4628 Dual 8 A/Single 16 A DC/DC μModule.


LTC4357 Positive high-voltage ideal diode controller.


LTC3025-1 500mA Micropower VLDO Linear Regulators.


LTC3614: 4A, 4MHz Monolithic Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Converter.


LT3080-1 Parallelable 1.1A Adjustable Single Resistor Low Dropout Regulator

TR5-Lite Block DiagramTR5-Lite Block Diagram





Included in the LTpowerCAD toolbox, LTpowerPlanner is a system architecture tool for system-level power management design and optimization.