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Altera DSP Development Kit, Cyclone III Edition

The DSP Development Kit, Cyclone III Edition delivers a complete DSP development environment for design engineers. The DSP Development Kit, Cyclone III Edition includes the Cyclone III development board, the Data Conversion HSMC, the DSP Builder development tool, Quartus II development software, MATLAB/Simulink evaluation software, evaluation IP cores, design examples, power supplies, cables, and documentation.

DK-DSP-3C120N Dev KitDK-DSP-3C120N Dev Kit

DK-DSP-3C120N Power TreeDK-DSP-3C120N Power Tree

Linear Technology Components

LTM4601 12 A μModule DC/DC system.

LT1963 1.5 A, low-noise, fast transient response LDO.

LT3481 6 V, 2 A, 2.8 MHz step-down switching regulator.

LT1761 100 mA, low-noise, LDO micropower regulator.

LTC3418 8 A, 4 MHz, synchronous step-down regulator.

LT1931 1.2 MHz/2.2 MHz inverting DC/DC converter.

LTC2402 1- or 2-channel 24-bit μPower delta s igma A/D converter.

DK-DSP-3C120N Block DiagramDK-DSP-3C120N Block Diagram