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Altera Transceiver Signal Integrity Kit, Stratix IV GX Edition

The Transceiver SI Development Kit, Stratix IV GX Edition enables a thorough evaluation of Stratix IV GX transceiver interoperability and serializer/deserializer (SERDES) signal integrity (SI) and performance from 600 Mbps to 8.5 Gbps.

DK-SI-4SGX230N KitDK-SI-4SGX230N Signal Integrity Kit

DK-SI-4SGX230N Power TreeDK-SI-4SGX230N Power Tree

Linear Technology Components

LTM4601 12 A DC/DC μModule with PLL, output tracking.

LTM4616 Dual 8 A per channel low VIN DC/DC μModule.

LT3080 LDO adjustable 1.1 A single resistor.

LTC3025 LDO 500 mA μPower VLDO linear regulator.

LT1761 LDO 100 mA, low noise.

LTC2418 8- or 16-channel 24-bit no latency delta sigma A/D converter.


DK-SI-4SGX230N Block DiagramDK-SI-4SGX230N Block Diagram