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LT8301 8V to 36VIN/12VOUT Micropower Isolated Flyback Converter

The LT®8301 is a micropower isolated flyback converter. By sampling the isolated output voltage directly from the primary-side flyback waveform, the part requires no third winding or opto-isolator for regulation. The output voltage is programmed with a single external resistor. Internal compensation and soft-start further reduce external component count. Boundary mode operation provides a small magnetic solution with excellent load regulation. Low ripple Burst Mode operation maintains high efficiency at light load while minimizing the output voltage ripple. A 1.2A, 65V DMOS power switch is integrated along with all high voltage circuitry and control logic into a 5-lead ThinSOT™ package.

8V to 36VIN/12VOUT Micropower Isolated Flyback Converter

Efficiency vs Load Current

Output Load and Line Regulation