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16-Channel, 16/12-Bit Voltage Output DACs in a Tiny 6mm x 6mm Package

Mark Thoren - Staff Scientist Jun 6th 2014

General-purpose DACs address a wide range of applications including instrumentation, industrial control, and setting voltages and currents in all manner of analog circuits. In this video, we demonstrate the 16-/12-bit LTC2668, a 16-channel, voltage output DAC with five software-programmable (SoftSpan™) or pin-configurable output voltage ranges up to ±10V. Each output span is independently selectable per channel, with full 16-bit resolution at all spans. All spans are derived from an internal 2.5V, 10ppm/°C (max) reference. Additional features include an internal 16:1 analog multiplexer for calibration or monitoring circuit integrity, and a toggle function that allows the DAC to quickly toggle between two DAC codes.

The Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) has a separate supply pin, allowing a direct interface to 1.8V FPGAs, 5V microcontrollers, or any logic voltage between. The demo board is compatible with Linear Technology’s Linduino™ microcontroller platform, with C libraries provided to greatly speed up firmware development.

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