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LT3086 5V, 2.1A USB Supply with Cable Drop Compensation

The LT®3086 is a multi-feature, low dropout, low noise 2.1A linear regulator that operates over a 1.4V to 40V input supply range. Dropout voltage at 2.1A is typically 330mV. One resistor sets output voltage from 0.4V to 32V. Output voltage tolerance is guaranteed to ±2% over line, load and temperature. The LT3086 is stable with ceramic output capacitors, requiring a minimum of 10μF. The LT3086’s programmable cable drop compensation cancels output voltage errors caused by resistive connections to the load. A master/slave configuration allows paralleling of multiple devices for higher load current and heat spreading without external ballast resistor requirements. Output current and temperature monitoring along with a power good flag provide system diagnostic and debug capability. Internal fault circuitry includes thermal shutdown and current limit with foldback. Thermal limit and current limit are also externally programmable.

5V, 2.1A USB Supply with Cable Drop Compensation5V, 2.1A USB Supply with Cable Drop Compensation


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