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DC2119A - LTC3115EDHD-2 Demo Board | 2.7V to 40VIN, 5VOUT @ 2A

Demonstration circuit 2119A features the LTC®3115-2, a high voltage monolithic synchronous buck-boost converter optimized for applications with fast input voltage transients. The DC2119A demo board has two user selectable operating modes: Burst Mode© and Forced Continuous Operation (Fixed Frequency PWM) (JP1). There is also an accurate programmable RUN pin which is used to ENABLE the converter (JP2). The DC2119A operates with a 2.7V to 40V input voltage range. The demo board has been designed with the output voltage set to 5.0V. The LTC3115-2 incorporates a proprietary low noise switching algorithm which optimizes efficiency with input voltages above, below or equal to the output voltage and ensures seamless transitions between operating modes.

DC2119A - Schematic