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DC1827A - LT3795 Demo Board | 110V LED Controller; 8V to 60Vin, 87Vout @ 0.4A, Spread Spectrum Frequency Modulation

Demonstration Circuit 1827A features a 110V LED controller with spread spectrum frequency modulation - the LT®3795. Unlike most boosts, the circuit disconnects the output to protect against shorts or other fault conditions when the input voltage exceeds the output. The input voltage range for normal operation is from 8V to 60V. OVLO becomes active for inputs above 63V and the maximum input voltage is 110V. The LED current is 400mA and the switching frequency is 250kHz. The efficiency is 92% when the input is 12V and the LED voltage is at 87V which is the maximum LED voltage.

DC1827A - Schematic




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