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DC9018A-B - SmartMesh IP RF Certified Eval/Dev Mote (chip antenna)

DCC9018A-B SmartMesh IP RF Certified Eval/Dev Board (Chip Antenna)DC9018A-B SmartMesh IP RF Certified Evaluation/Development Board

Note: Newer Part Nunber Available - Please see the DC9018B-B

SmartMesh IP Networks are populated by motes, the nodes on the network. Based on the Dust® breakthrough Eterna® technology, the motes are ultralow power, extending battery life to years and many times that of alternative products. In addition to extra long battery life, the motes feature an advanced array of features.

DC9018A-B Evaluation/Development Mote incorporates the RF-Certified LTP5901-IPM SmartMesh IP Mote PCB Module (including chip antenna) and a CR2032 coin cell.

DC9018A-B Motes are also available as part of the DC9021A SmartMesh IP RF Certified Starter Kit.



SmartMesh IP Starter Kit Software

Software Utility


Download Link


GUI application for visualizing a network and interacting with motes


Serial Mux

Software used to connect multiple clients to the manager


SmartMesh SDK (optional)

Software development kit used to interact with the devices’ Application Programming Interface (API)

GitHub Repository

FTDI driver

USB-to-Serial drivers for communication with DC9001, DC9006 boards

Download VCP from FTDIchip.com

LBR (optional)

Low power Border Router software utility and sample code. Python script for mapping SmartMesh IP networks onto an IPv4 network (e.g. Ethernet)