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DC1860B - LT3748EMS Isolated Demo Board | 10V ≤ Vin ≤ 15V; Vout = 52.5V @ 0.7A

Demonstration circuit 1860B is an isolated flyback converter featuring the LT3748. This demo circuit is designed for Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) applications with a 52.5V output from a 10V to 15V DC input, with nominal input voltage of 12V. The output current is from 0mA to 700mA, and is capable of a maximum short period overload current of 900mA.

The LT3748 is a high input voltage isolated flyback controller operating with input supply voltages from 5V to 100V, and 1.9A average gate drive source and sink current.

DC1860B - Schematic