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DC1706A - LT3796EFE Demo Board I 100V LED Controller with Current Monitor; 8V to 85VIN, up to 85VOUT@0.4A

DC1706A is a 100V LED controller with an input current monitor. It is a single switch boost LED driver with LED+ to GND short circuit protection. It accepts an input voltage from 8V to 100V (7.5V UVLO and 8.7V turn-on), and drives up to 85V of LEDs at 400mA (when PVIN is less than VLED). DC1706A features both PWM and analog dimming of the LED string. It has a VMODE flag that indicates when the LED string has been removed and it has a FAULT flag that indicates that the output has been shorted to GND. In both cases, the IC remains in control and well protected.

DC1706A - Schematic




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