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DC1801A-B - LTC3838EUHF Demo Board (RSENSE) | VIN = 4.5V to 14V, VOUT1 = 1.2V @ 20A, VOUT2 = 1.5V @ 20A

Demonstration circuit 1801A is a dual output 1.5V/20A and 1.2V/20A synchronous buck converter operating with a switching frequency of 300kHz over an input voltage range of 4.5V to 14V. The demo board comes in two versions. The A version uses inductor DCR current sensing for high efficiency. The B version uses 2mΩ sense resistor for accurate current sensing with a low DCR ferrite inductor. The fixed on-time valley current mode topology of the LTC3838 allows for a fast load step response.

DC1801A-A - Schematic




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