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DC1781A - LT3507AEFE Demo Board | 7V to 36VIN, VOUT1 =1.8V @ 2.7A, VOUT2 =3.3V @1.5A, VOUT3 = 5.0V @1.8A, VOUT4 =2.5V @ 0.3A

Demo circuit 1781A is a Triple Monolithic Step-Down Regulator with LDO featuring the LT3507A. The demo circuit is designed for 1.8V, 3.3V, 5.0V and 2.5V outputs from a 7V to 36V input. The current capability of each channel is 2.7A, 1.5A, 1.8A and 0.3A respectively. Independent input voltage, feedback, soft-start and power good pins for each channel simplify complex power supply tracking/sequencing requirements.

All three converters are either synchronized to a common external clock input or single-resistor programmable from 250kHz to 2.5MHz using internal oscillator. At all frequencies, a 180° phase shift between VOUT1 and the other two outputs is maintained, reducing input voltage ripple and component size. Programmable frequency allows for optimization between efficiency and external component size.

DC1781A - Schematic




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