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DC1541A-A - LT3694EFE Demo Board | Triple Output, 4.5V ≤ VIN ≤ 36V (70V Transients), VOUT1 = 3.3V@1.7A (Buck), VOUT2 = 2.5V@450mA (LDO), VOUT3=1.8V@450mA(LDO)

Demonstration circuit 1541A-A is an adjustable output voltage, 2.6A output current Monolithic Buck Regulator with dual LDO regulators featuring the LT3694. The buck regulator is capable of generating up to 2.6A at its output and the two LDO regulators (which are powered from the buck output) are capable of providing 450mA each. The demo board has a 4.5V to 36V input range (70V transients) and provides three outputs: 3.3V at 1.7A, 2.5V at 450mA and 1.8V at 450mA.

The LT3694 can be synchronized to an external clock with the SYNC pin. The LT3694-1 offers a CLKOUT pin allowing other DC/DC converters to synchronize to the LT3694-1 clock.

DC1541A - Schematic




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